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Experienced embedded software development engineer

Join a dynamic team to develop an innovative space launcher!

Type of Contract



Avionics & GNC


2 avril 2024


92700 Colombes, France

Your missions and responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Participation in trade-offs and architecture choices for the Sirius launcher software system;

  • Participation in the development of the avionics test bench (Iron Bird);

  • Production of software prototypes for validation;

  • Characterization and sizing of network requirements;

  • Drafting of technical specifications for on-board software;

  • Design, development and verification of on-board software;

  • Implementation of GNC algorithms (guidance, navigation and control) based on specifications;

  • Integration with on-board electronics and on-board computer (OBC);

  • Design, development and verification of Sirius engine test bench software;

  • Exchange with other Sirius teams.

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