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Functional Propulsive Assembly Manager (EPF)

Join a dynamic team to develop an innovative space launcher!

Type of Contract





2 avril 2024


92700 Colombes, France

Your missions and responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Ensure the technical development of the EPF for the two stages of the Sirius launcher range, and monitor activities up to the qualification phase, in compliance with quality, cost, lead time and mass objectives; manage schedules and budgets in line with launcher development objectives; ensure coordination with the various technical teams (sizing, system simulation, design and integration, implementation and testing), partners and subcontractors.

  • Manage technical risks, ensure reporting and processing of action plans during development, manage the resolution of technical problems encountered.

  • Manage the implementation of EPF qualification and industrialization resources, check the validity of technical data and their consistency with applicable data, and carry out combined firing point tests.

  • Organize a high-performance team, ensure the provision, monitoring and maintenance of resources in line with the company's commitments, guarantee compliance with regulations, the quality system, health and safety rules for the sector, and environmental and energy rules applicable to the sector.

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