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Test Bench Manager

Join a dynamic team to develop an innovative space launcher!

Type of Contract





July 2024


92700 Colombes, France

Your missions and responsibilities will be as follows:

As part of the development of its launcher, Sirius Space Services is   looking to recruit a test Bench Manager to be responsible for the development of liquid rocket engine test   equipment and operation. In collaboration with the other teams, your missions will be:

• Design of test benches for the propulsive and stage equipment and deliver the systems on cost, on quality, on time.

• Design of fluidic and mechanical   interfaces between the prototypes and existing test benches (proprietary and   external).

• Design of fluidic or mechanical systems to integrate in the production process of the components to be tested.

• Sizing of fluidic lines and associated equipment, including tanks, valves, sensors and secondary auxiliary systems.

• Participation in the design of propulsive and stage equipment to assure the compatibility between the test   systems and the parts and guarantee that the parts can be assembled and tested.

• Negotiation and collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors to obtain components and services.

• Production of the associated documentation and participation in the risk analysis.

• Participation in the test campaign and results analysis.

• Perform assembling, integration and testing activities on the propulsive and stage equipment and produce associated procedures and test results.

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